Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hoop earrings are good for any occasion

My daughter plunked down her own money to get her ears pierced at Christmas time. She was so excited about it and was religious about having me turn them and put the cleaning formula on each ear with a q-tip every night before bed. We counted the days until it was finally time to change them. When the fine day came, she chose some cute mickey mouse earrings and came to me to change the earrings. Well, I got one in, and she began screaming and crying. Now she never even cried when they pierced her ears to begin with, so why changing them was so traumatic, I have no idea! I had to practically sit on her to get the other one in her ear, and we have only changed them one other time since then when one had fallen out. For some reason, tonight, she decided to be brave and let me change them again. She chose little tiny gold hoops and it was relatively quick and painless. A little later when we were riding in the car, she was admiring her earrings in the mirror and she stated that she is so glad she chose the hoops because they are great for any occasion, you know, like Disney, a wedding or even a party. You know, I think she is right. I may even get some little gold hoops for myself!

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