Saturday, June 15, 2013

Boredom Jar

School's been out for exactly one week and already your kids are probably bored.
I can definitely tell you, mine is.  Or was.
Until she got served with the

The boredom jar is a simple idea.  I've seen them all over the internet.
Here is how I made mine: I took one large empty container, glued the picture above on the front and back of it, and VIOLA!, a boredom jar.  

Well, almost... The challenge is to fill the container up with small slips of paper with interesting activities written on them that will keep your child busy during long, boring summer days.  In our boredom jar I put some activities that are more fun than others.  I like to call them "sweet and sour".  My one rule is that my daughter can not choose another slip from the container until she has done what was written on the slip that she already chose.  

Some boredom jar activities from our jar are:
See me for a new video game
Movie night
Clean off your bookshelf and donate old books to the library
Go geocaching
Let's bake cookies
Paint or draw a picture
Dress all the barbies up and fix their hair to go out dancing
Make a sidewalk chalk obstacle course for your scooter
Clean out your crafts and organize them
Arrange your stuffed animals, donate at least five to the Children's Home
Weed the garden, plant new seeds
You win a Target gift card- let's go spend it!
Make a craft with seashells
Make a powerpoint about a country you want to visit
Update your pinterest board
Clean out your sock drawer then let's pick out some new socks
Make up a dance to a CD 
Fashion show
Write a story on the computer including clip art illustrations
Park of your choice
Clean out junk drawer

Feel free to leave a comment if you use a boredom jar or come up with any other ideas for activities that I should add to mine!

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