Sunday, November 14, 2010

bubble tea

Have you ever heard of bubble tea? I have always wanted to try it ever since I read about it online. I even tried to drag my neighbor with me one night to get some from a tea shop more than a half hour away. Well, I was walking through Countryside Mall the other day and was so excited to see a tea shop that sold it! Yay! There were so many flavors to choose from. I ordered a honey green tea and the girl gave me the cup and they even had these special big straws to drink it with. I took a big sip and ewwww! The bubble things were chewy and tasted like fish eggs, well, how I figure fish eggs would taste. Oh, my goodness, I thought I was in for a tasty treat and was pretty grossed out! I offered some to my kid and she wasn't going for it, not even my dad would drink it and he will try anything!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

epic sneezes

I sneezed in front of one of my classes yesterday and this one kid said, "Wow that was an epic sneeze!" I never really thought that I had a weird sneeze so I called up my mom and told her what the kid said. She replied, "Yea, it is kinda loud". Oh, great! So I have been running around my whole life with an epic sneeze and never even realized it?! Why can't I be one of those people that don't make any noise when they sneeze? My brother has the quiet sneeze, although sometimes I wonder if it could cause your head to explode by holding your sneezes in like that. Do you think it is possible to have a cute sneeze? I am not sure. Please pass the tissues!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Voting, Politics and Stomachaches

I hate politics. Anytime someone tries to talk with me about politics, my stomach starts to hurt. My dad always said not to discuss politics if you want to remain friends with people. I registered to vote when I was 17 so that as soon as I turned 18, I would be able to vote for president. I even had to ask my mom which political party I should choose because I had no idea. So ever since then, I have done the best I could to vote for candidates whose main agenda I mostly agree with, and who I also believe aren't going to screw over teachers, put 35 kids in classes, and give all the public school money over to private charter schools (which is a whole other story). Near election time, 3 things make my stomach start to ache: first, are the ads on TV. I will see an add for a candidate calling another one a crook, then the crook has an ad calling the other candidate a liar. It is like a twisted logic problem meant to confuse everyone. The second thing that makes my stomach start to ache is when I see the little old man at the library trying to get me to early vote every time I go in there. It makes me think that I need to hurry up and decide between the crook and the liar and my stomach starts hurting even more. Last, when I finally make up my mind and vote, my stomach feels better for about 5 hours and then starts to hurt again when all the results come in and nearly everyone I vote for has lost. I always feel like I am rooting for the loosing team and there will be no rematch for 2 to 4 years!

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