Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Cleaning or 2 hrs Sweatin' in the Bathroom

Recently, I have been on a spring cleaning kick and have been slowly working my way through my house (see here).  After cleaning my living room, I decided to tackle the bathroom next.
When I clean a room, I always take two paper bags with me.  On the bags I write a giant "G" and "D" and fill them with either GARBAGE or DONATIONS as I clean.  I began with the medicine chest.  After disposing of all the old lotions, soaps and body sprays, I found some cute containers to hold items such as bandaids, q-tips, and flossers.  
I keep bandaids in that cute metal box!
Since my bathroom has no closet, (nor are there closets anywhere in my house besides the bedrooms) I purchased a tall pantry from Home Depot.  I adjusted the shelving inside of it to hold large bins where I store my towels and sheets.  There was even room on top of the pantry to hold an extra bin of sheets!

I even attached a toilet paper holder and towel rack to the side of the pantry!
I found some great large storage bins at Target to store towels and sheets!
To organize my sink, I placed all extra toiletries underneath of it including a bin of washcloths.  I store a roll of paper towels, spray and lightbulbs under there as well.  I stuck a wire suction cup basket to the wall near the sink to corral my hair dryer, saline solution and to hang my glasses on!
My final organizational touch in my bathroom is a small coat rack.  I especially love this item because it keeps the towels off of the floor and gives me a place to hang my robe or outfit for the day.
Have you started your spring cleaning yet?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

spring cleaning

In honor of spring, I have been doing some spring cleaning.  I definitely did not want to spend my entire spring break cleaning my house, so I have been focusing on one small area of my house at a time.  I decided that the first area of cleaning focus would be my living room, since this is the place everyone sees the most of.  I started by cleaning all the extras off of my ladder bookshelf.  
A ladder shelf is great because not only can you place items on the shelves, you can also place items on the floor behind the shelf and no one can even see what's behind there!  On my ladder shelf, I placed three storage bins.  One holds small games, one holds books and one holds nothing currently, but will be a great place to quickly stash stuff when company is coming! 
I also placed a small wine rack on one of the shelves to store magazines. 
The top shelf holds pictures and the shelf just below that holds my dvd player and satellite receiver.

What do you think?  I am feeling better already!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

yoga, stress and loose teeth

Lately I have noticed that if I drop something on the floor and then bend down to pick it up, a strange sound comes out of my mouth that sounds something like "ugh".  I have found a way around it, though, and that is to get a nearby kid to pick up whatever I dropped for me.  I do realize that this sound is a sign that I am not as flexible as I used to be, which has brought me to the decision to take up a yoga class.  
There is a class offered at my local gym that I decided to try out, and since my daughter is too old for their nursery, but too young to stay at home alone, I brought her along.  I figured that we could sit in the back of class and whisper and giggle when someone farts or falls over.  
Even though this class is open to all levels, it is very quiet and a little intense.  The first time we went, my daughter, who has a lot of energy hopped around, and fell all over the place until her loose tooth fell out. I gave her a stern talking to after that- she was lucky the tooth fairy came at all that night!   
I decided to try the class again the next week during which she complained that she was bored the whole time, and that she wanted to go.  Have you ever tried to relax with an 8 year old yapping in your ear that she is bored?  I sat there the whole time trying to breathe and be peaceful, yet wondering if it would be ok to spank my kid in the middle of yoga.  I was so tense by the end of class that it was like I had just sat in Florida traffic for an hour, rather than breathing and stretching.  
Tonight I decided to give the class one last try.  I tried to place our mats in the back corner this time, and was even prepared with two Nintendo DS video games.  Apparently it is indeed possible to get kicked out of yoga class, because after both DSs ran out of batteries, and my daughter had walked around everyone to go to the bathroom or drinks from the water fountain at least 3 times, we were told to keep still and stop distracting the class.  One girl actually got up and walked out.  Do you think it was because of us?!  Thinking next week maybe we will try Zumba!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

6 word Saturday- On Sunday

Please pass the glitterglue and sequins!
Suit Back

Suit Front

My daughter is gearing up for her first synchronized swimming competition of the year.  It is only her second ever, so she is I am nervous!  For the competition the girls are excited because they get to get all glammed up with bright make-up, glittery suits and beautiful headpieces.  She has been practicing hard all through the winter and she and her team are ready to go!  Finally, the suits are ready to go too!  One of the other moms created the design on the suits with glitterglue.  I sewed (I SEWED!) sequins on them for the fish's bubbles. 

My six word Saturday turned into a six word Sunday this week- been so busy lately!

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