Saturday, January 30, 2010

a 20 buck and pierced ears

A few weeks ago I was getting ready to go to the mall and my daughter disappeared into her room and comes out with a little purse jingling with money. I said to her, what are you doing? She said, well I am 6 now and I want to get my ears pierced. I told her that we would check it out, but I didn't know how much money it would cost (I had no idea how much change she had stuffed in her little purse) or if they would be able to do both ears at the same time (which I heard is a must), so not to get her hopes up. Well, when we walked into the mall, she did a bee-line for the piercing pavilion or whatever that kiosk is, and says to the lady, "Hi, I'm ready to get my ears pierced, I want my birthstone and here's a twenty buck!" and slaps a twenty down on the counter. Well, me and the lady both looked at each other and I was like well, I think she is ready. She hopped up in the chair, didn't even flinch and asked for a lollipop that she spied in one of the drawers. That's my girl.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It was a beautiful day on Monday~ finally warmed up and was very breezy. So my daughter and I decided it would be a great day to fly a kite. We grabbed our new Barbie kite and headed out to the beach, the only tree-less area I could think of. When we got there I followed the directions on the package, blowing up the kite with the provided straw, we threw it up in the air, and BINGO! Can you believe it flew?! We each took a turn holding the string, and then she and I looked at each other like, "now what?" I guess every time I have ever flown a kite before I always spent hours running all around throwing it up in the air over and over before giving up on it and never actually gotten one to fly! Even Barbie looked impressed with us.

Monday, January 11, 2010

time zones, clocks and snoozing

There have been SO many times that I have woken up late for work and in a panic realizing that I had forgotten to set my alarm clock. You know the feeling of enjoying an extra long snooze, then suddenly realizing what happened, leaping from the bed as if it is on fire, dressing and getting out the door quicker than humanly possible. Well, for the first time ever this morning, I had the complete opposite happen. Yes, I got ready in a different time zone. I don't know what the heck happened but somehow my clock was set on a different time zone and I got up out of my toasty bed, dressed, got my kid up and dressed. We ate waffles, sat on the couch, I put on my boots and was getting ready to go out the door, and I saw on the clock downstairs that it was 6:22! You would think I had noticed that it was unusually dark outside. So, we did the only thing you could do in a situation like that with an extra hour to kill~ got back in bed!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cold Weather, Frisky Kids and the Horse Whisperer

For those of you who don't know, I am a middle school teacher- brave I know, but I love it. So, I was in the office at the mailboxes yesterday, and someone commented that the kids were kind of wild, and another person said that it must be the cold weather. So I shouted out that I thought the kids were acting like little horses who get frisky in cold weather. For example, they sing spontaneous songs, try out random dance moves, or just fall out of the chair in a sudden burst of energy. Today one of my classes played "pass the cough" during their quiet work time. Usually I nip it in the bud, but today I sat and watched for a minute. This is how it went: a boy on one side of the room quietly clears his throat. Then a boy on the other side clears his throat. Then it goes to someone new, or back to the first one. Meanwhile, I look at two more boys who are giggling in their chairs and trying not to bust out laughing and ruin it. Now, the teacher goes wrong if she yells at them to stop it, because then the coughing kids say "what, I was just coughing?!" At this point you must approach the frisky horse carefully, get down on their level, and whisper quietly to them "do you think I am stupid?" This tames them and enables them to complete their work. It is supposed to be so cold here Friday that it might even snow. Can't wait to see what they will try to get away with next!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Flip Flops and Winter Coats or please don't hate us cuz we're cold

Tonight I am going to give you the cold, (and I mean cold), hard truth about Floridians and wintertime. 
We do know that we sound like wimps because we are crying about the 40 degree weather. 
And we do know that it is, like 14 degrees where you live up north- 2 with the wind chill (what the heck is that?!) 
We know that you would trade places with us in a minute, 
BUT... you have one thing that we don't: SUPPLIES. Here is the truth. We are SURPRISED every year when winter comes here. It is 85 degrees or warmer 340 days of the year here, so when it all of a sudden goes from 85 to 40 (and it drops overnight!), we say "what the heck!?" and don't know what to do. First of all, our only choice of footwear down here are flip-flops, so our toes turn into little ice pops! Second of all, we have no winter coats, all we have are Gap hoodies, and they just don't cut it when the temperature falls below 65. Third, we don't own ice scrapers. God forbid we get a little ice on our car.  True story- the daughter of a friend of mine found an ice scraper in her glovebox and thought it was a comb. We don't even own gloves so our fingers could definitely get frostbite. I can only ever find one glove in the bottom of the sock drawer on the few days of the year that I actually need them! One of the strangest things is that all of our little trees and plants in our yards shrivel up and just DIE if we don't cover them up on cold nights- our yards look like they are full of ghosts! So you can see that Florida winters can be cold and tough on us, so thank God they only last about 3 weeks. I don't think we would last much longer than that!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

bedtime and my nice things

I have two VERY NICE THINGS in the world: my car and my leather rag rug. I think that my daughter secretly conspires to ruin them both. So, tonight after the third spill on the rug in two weeks, (just how DO you remove milk, orange soda and nail polish from leather?!) she was sent up to bed early. After I attempted to clean the rug and read her some books, I tucked her in and thought all was well. Well she came downstairs after about a half hour and told me that she could hear me "too loud talking on the phone". I told her to go back to bed. Then a half hour later she came out because she needed water, and a half hour later she said her tummy hurt. WOW! How is it that she seemed to know that I was pulling one over on her by giving her an early bedtime, AND she ended up in bed later than usual bedtime after all was said and done?!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year

For the new year I decided to keep it simple- no weight loss promises or trying to stop cussin for me- no! Em and I decided to try to love each other more. One day down, 364 to go and it is already a struggle for us, lol! Here is to a more love filled 2010 for everyone!

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