Saturday, April 21, 2012

6 word Saturday- Earth Day

Doing our part to clean up!
This year my daughter and I, along with a few friends, took part in the Great American Coastal Cleanup in honor of earth day.  We filled one bag with garbage and one bag with recyclables.  We found quite a few balloons (which are very bad for sea life), loads of water bottles and beer bottles, not as many cigarette butts as we have found in past years, and other various bit of garbage.  The most interesting thing that we found was a wallet filled with money.  It had an ID in it, so we turned the whole thing in.  If no one claims it, we will have a well deserved lunch, but for now, all we got was a t-shirt and a good feeling in our hearts!

Can you describe your life in just 6 words???


Unknown said...

And an empty wallet.. You could have finally given Jess her Christmas present..

Josie Two Shoes said...

Not only did you teach your daughter to be a caretaker of the earth, you taught her to be honest... great teacher, great Mom! :-)

Ron. said...

Thank you for caring for my planet.
I was around & doing my part on the very 1st Earth Day!

restlessjo said...

Somebody forgot to remind me! But I do try to live as greenly as possible. Thanks for your efforts- it's a good way to live.

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