Sunday, January 29, 2012

Getting work done...

So when someone tells you that they are "getting work done", don't you think they are getting things cleaned up, straightened out, filling in reports, filing, etc...?  When I had a guest speaker the other day in my class, and I said that I was getting work done, one of the boys in my class got all excited and asked me if  I was getting Botox.  BOTOX?!  I was throwing out lesson plans from 2003, not planning on getting cosmetic surgery!  What 11 year old boy knows about injections anyway?!  UGH! 

1 comment:

Essie Yeoman said...

Based on my own experience, I think that they are having a different thought when you said getting work done. It seems that your students are thinking in advance. I think that they are really aware about botox treatment.

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