Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh boy, a group project!

When I was in school, I used to DREAD group projects.  Everyone knows that to get a good grade on a group project, you have to get together after school to work on it.  I HATED this.  I lived on the other side of town and my parents both worked so I could rarely talk my parents into driving me to some kid's house after school.  Besides I usually ended up having to work with the class weirdo since I was a nice girl and got along with anyone, and who wants to spend extra time with him- not me.  And you know that the kid who is absent all the time is ALWAYS the one who ends up in charge of keeping the project, and we would end up having to start over again from the beginning the next day.  

Well, today I assigned a group project to my class, which was to be done in class.  The end of class was coming up and I heard a girl talking with her partner.  Here is how the conversation went:
Girl: So, can we Facebook tonight to talk more about our project?
Partner: Sorry, no FB
Girl: Do you have video chat?  We can do that.
Partner: No, sorry.
Girl: Do you have an ipad? iphone? e-mail?
Partner: No, our internet is broke.
Girl:  Ok, I will just call you then.

I was cracking up during their whole conversation thinking about how much I would have loved having all this technology when I was a kid.  My group could have totally had the BEST projects!

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