Saturday, February 27, 2010

ken, mermaids and hot tub parties

Lately I have been making my showers very quick. Everytime I get in the shower Ken is grinning at me. And his pants are down. And he is in the shampoo dish with the mermaids. He bugs me. I feel like he is saying "hey baby, come get in the hot tub with us" or that I might be interrupting something. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, the shampoo dish even comes crashing down in there and wakes us up from our sleep. I think the barbies are having some wild parties in there. I think that the mermaids could be causing trouble too. In the Peter Pan movie, Wendy remarks that the mermaids look sweet and Peter replies that they will "sweetly drown her". So I worry about the mermaids too. I don't think I could take a bath with them, but my daughter is much braver. Maybe it is time to buy them a town house to move to or something.

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