Monday, October 25, 2010

dentists and lasers

I have a huge toothache and had to make an emergency trip to the dentist today. As I was driving there, I caught myself thinking that I hope that the dentist can fix my tooth without actually having to touch it. I mean, we are in the year 2010, why hasn't someone invented a laser that they can just point at your tooth and take care of business? Why are people still being drilled with those horrible drills? Anyway, when I got there and was seated in the chair, the hygienist said, "oh you are a gagger". Well, isn't that just a great thing to have in my file?! Of course I am going to gag when you stick all those instruments into my mouth. Which is another reason why someone should really look into that laser thing! Then, I had an idea that if I was really good and didn't gag while she was taking the x-rays, maybe she would take it off of my file. Too bad it didn't work.

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