Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Gym

The gym is a strange place. I just love to people-watch there. There is this guy who works out every day- lets call him "sweaty guy" He has a puddle of sweat under/on/ around the machine he is working out on. Every time I go in there I am careful to examine my machine carefully to be sure that I don't get on one that he used. (Just writing this is making me gag). Do you ever go to the gym to find SOMEONE ELSE on YOUR machine? Why does that make me so sad, like my machine has cheated on me with another woman! Or have you ever been exercising next to someone who you think is stinky, but then after awhile you start to think hey, what if it is not them who is stinky but me? I also think there is also some weird sort of time warp going on in the gym. How can 20 minutes last soooo long. I start the bargaining about halfway through my workout. Saying things to myself like, oh I am sure 17 minutes is just as good as 20. But no matter how long I work out for, I feel so proud afterward that I want to walk up to everybody and brag that I just got done "hitting the gym".

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