Saturday, December 24, 2011

6 word Saturday

Christmas Eve and we are SWIMMING!

Wearing my Christmas t-shirt and shorts!
I have been on Christmas break all week and it has been over 80 degrees here in Florida every day.  I just can't get over this summertime weather we are having here!  Even though the weather is beautiful, it has not helped much to get me in the Christmas spirit this year.  What this weather has done, though, is make me blow off sending out my Christmas cards and doing last minute Christmas shopping, for hanging out at the beach making sandcastles instead (the water was a little bit cold for swimming!)  It has also helped me run up a large power bill from keeping my AC running in my house!  So, it does not appear that it will be a white Christmas in my neck of the woods- how about yours?
Can you describe your life in just 6 words???


soulbrush said...

am sooooo jellyass!
Have a good one.

Kimmy said...

Normally I would be all "Lucky!!!!" but we are in California with sunshine also (just with 50 degree weather) and honestly...I'm NOT happy about! Normally this time of year it's raining but not this year. It's just not Christmasy with all this sunshine!

Enjoy yours though!! Merry Christmas!!!

Happy SWS!!

S~DLT said...

Sounds fabulous! We are going to be having a nearly 80 degree Christmas in Southern California; which is nice but like you said doesn't get you in the Christmasy mode.

Have a fabulous time. I'm sure Santa will love the change of weather. :)

Call Me Cate said...

It's been warmer than usual here as well, though we rarely have more than one snow a season and even more rarely does it coincide with Christmas. Enjoy your holiday!

Tonya said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas to me! Hope you enjoy every moment of it!

Merry Christmas

DeDa Studios said...

Merry Christmas! Nice weather! It is warm in Wisconsin! NO snow! Yesterday was 50! Kind of like a heat wave here!

New follower!


Kelly @ Stay at Home Trader said...

Ohhhh how I would LOVE to have warm weather on Christmas! Go you! My best girlfriend lives in Clermont, FL, and she always sends me pix of palm trees at Christmas. hahaha! I'm a new follower from the Super Sunday Stalker blog hop. Look forward to keeping up with your blog!


Kortney said...

Hi there! Hope you and your family have had a great Christmas!! Thanks for linking up to our Super Stalker Hop! Hope to see you again next weekend!
Merry Christmas from Kortney @ Kortney's Krazy Life!


It barely made it here, as we got a few sprinkle of snow for the Holidays, but as I said, barely!!

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