Saturday, December 3, 2011

bah humbug

I know you are going to gasp when I say this- but I am not a fan of Christmas.  (I heard the gasp from here!)  I'm sorry, but to spend more than a month of preparing, fighting crowds, desperately trying to get great presents for everyone without going broke, the sneaking around to hide then trying to find and wrap the gifts, and the last minute freak-out over the stockings are just all too stressful for me.  Then your family opens all the presents in 5 minutes and you are done!  I get the worst after-Christmas let-down.  My dad used to be the same way, and now without him here, I am all alone in the down-with-Christmas parade.  Some things that I do love about Christmas are the music, movies, the Christmas Eve service at church, and my book club Christmas cookie exchange.  I am trying so hard to stay focused on the positive things and not let the rest of the madness get to me!  How do you stay sane during the Christmas season?

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