Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gang Signs and the Vomit Touch

Last week I was walking my class back to our classroom from lunch, and noticed that a bunch of the boys were hanging back in the line. They had all four fingers crossed on both hands and were holding them up waving them around.  I told them to quit playing around in line, stop throwing gang signs and get into the classroom.  They all giggled and went to their seats.  I know they are not gang members, they are far from it, but it sure looked like they were pretending to be from the "west side".  Today, as I was walking my class back from lunch again, I heard one of the boys yell out to the kids in front of him to "cross your fingers against the vomit touch!!!"  I turned around and saw my whole class waving their crossed fingers around in the air, and all of a sudden it dawned on me that these kids have been crossing their fingers on the way back from lunch, trying to walk around this spot where some kid hurled in the hallway like two months ago in an effort to avoid contacting the "vomit touch!" Only in middle school!  


80 mgbdave said...

That's why I love middle schoolers. They think differently. It's too bad that innocence is mostly lost by the time they're out of 8th grade.

Amy G said...

Haha, I'm pretty sure this came from the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid book where the kids all have to cross their fingers to be protected from the Cheese Touch, originating with a moldy piece of cheese on the playground. I only know this much because I read that section aloud to my Korean middle-schoolers, and it was the only part of the read-aloud that got a response from them.

Linda said...

Too funny! Our middle school granddaughter and her friends "hold their breath when they pass by a graveyard!" So silly! Where do they get these things? (:>)

Curly-T said...

Sounds like things my kids do - and they are 2 & 4!

Karla Lee said...

funny! funny! :D
my Six Word Saturday is here :)

cessie said...

Loved reading this little story! I love the way kids can think, often so much out of the box! Thanks for sharing. A very interesting Six Word Saturday :)

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