Friday, April 13, 2012

Zen Doodles

Have you heard of Zen Doodles?  I love to doodle- in meetings, in church (sorry Pastor!) and while I'm on the phone.  But I have no artistic talent AT ALL.  Basically, I can only draw good horses butts, umbrellas and palm trees.  Recently, I have been hearing a lot about these drawings called Zen Doodles or Zen Tangles.  Basically they have these specific patterns with different names that you use when you doodle.  Anyone can do them and they look good- even mine! I ordered two books on Amazon and am hooked!  A friend of mine, who is not the craftiest person, told me that she has been making thank you cards on blank note cards with zen doodle patterns- so clever!  I made copies of the different patterns in my book, laminated them and made them into a book of flip-cards for my daughter, so that she can doodle in the car!  What can you think of to do with your Doodles?

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Both my kids are in preschool and this is agreat way to interact and connect with them. Plus it is also a great activity to do with your kids and take out their more creative side and also to keep them busy.

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