Sunday, December 5, 2010

cars and peas

This week my car's air conditioner broke. I know that doesn't seem like such an emergency, but I live in Florida, so it kinda was. Anyway, both my little one and I were sick this week, but I made time, left work early and took the car in. Two hours later, they gave it back and said it was fixed. I did not even make it home before it was blowing hot air again. Needless to say, I was irate just thinking about the one and a half hour round trip I would have to make again. I called them and said that I was not happy! Well, they must have wanted to make me happy pretty bad because the next day they sent me a new car, and a cute guy to take mine in! When he dropped the car back off to me though, I could tell that I didn't stand a chance with him. The conversation went something like this:
Guy: I vacuumed out your car for you...
Me: Uh, so how did that go for you.
Guy: Um, were those peas in your backseat?
Me: Uhm, yeah they were, thanks.
Oh well, maybe next time!

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