Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Colds and Hocking Loogies

My daughter has had a cold for a couple of weeks now, and I was trying to decide whether to take her to the doctor for it or not. I called her godmother, who is a pharmacist, for advice. She told me that I should look to see if what she is coughing up is infected or not. I thought that was a great idea- until I realized that my daughter did not know how to "hock a loogie"! So, we hung our heads over the toilet together, and I tried to teach her how. As a very experienced teacher- a middle school teacher at that, you would think that I would be done teaching her how to spit in about 30 seconds flat, but after 5 minutes of coughing and going "ach", we had a whole lot of nothing to show for it. Boys are probably born knowing how to do this stuff, lol!

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