Monday, December 6, 2010

don't hate us cuz we're Floridians 2010

Here are some reasons why you should feel sorry for us Floridians in the winter time fresh for 2010. It is usually 88 degrees and sunny here, so when the temperature dips down below 50, it causes a lot of excitement. First of all, it takes until at least mid December to finally get cold so we are always very surprised. It also happens very suddenly- one day we are swimming and wearing shorts and the next day we are like, "oh my gosh, what is happening". We hope it will pass in a day or two and warm back up for the weekend, which it usually does and we can just make do with a hoodie But when it doesn't warm up after about 4 days, everyone is like, "OH CRAP WE NEED TO BUY COATS!" My kids in my class grow too fast for their parents to spend money on coats they will grow out of overnight, so they just bring their blankets out with them to the bus stop in the morning, and when they get to the school, stuff them into their backpacks. And to top it off, we are probably all going broke paying our kids extra allowance for carrying our plants into the house so the frost won't kill them.

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