Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas is here!!!!

Today is the day after Christmas and after yesterday, I have come to a few more realizations about Christmas:
1) Do NOT forget to fill the stockings! Saying, "stay here while I go check if Santa came" to your kid just doesn't cut it and is sure to raise your heart rate to an unhealthy level while madly stuffing stockings.
2) Wow, what a mess! I could have filled 5 garbage bags with wrappers and trash and I only have one kid!
3) The simplest toys are the most appreciated. My daughter has been entertained since last night with her weaving loom. It is the hit toy of the year in our house.
4) Christmas is no fun when you are on the run. I was so happy to be back at my house by 5 with a fire going in the fireplace chilling out with our new toys!
5) There is much less of a let-down after all of the presents are opened and all of the fun is over if you remember the true meaning of Christmas- love. God showed us his love by sending Jesus to us as a baby born in a simple manger to save us from our messed-up selves and give us the gift of heaven.
Merry Christmas!

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