Sunday, September 18, 2011

Are You Angry?

On Sunday mornings at my church, I teach a middle school class.   Right now we are using "Talksheets" for our curriculum.  I really like them because once you do a little icebreaker game, they are just the right length of time to hold the attention of a middle schooler!  
Today our topic was anger, and there was about 4 of us adults, (one of which was a guest speaker) and about 9 kids in the class.  We started off with a little ice breaker game where the guest speaker described several situations, and asked if we would feel angry or not.  As she was reading through the situations, I realized that I am usually pretty easy-going unless someone is being hurt that cannot stand up for themselves.  
You see, I went into Sunday school angry this morning because my daughter's father was supposed to come get her at 10:30 and did not show up until 11:15 (typical), at which point she was crying and worried that he was not going to show up.  I get so angry because he doesn't realize how much he hurts my daughter and lets her down over and over and treats her like she isn't a priority.  So, is my daughter being hurt by someone she cannot stand up against?  Yes.  Am I good and mad? Yes.  Did I let him know it?  Yes.  Will he ever change?  Probably not.  
The other thing that the guest speaker at church said was that your words leave a imprint on someone's soul.  Emotional hurts are remembered far longer than it takes for physical hurts to heal.  I am sure all of us have had someone say something hurtful to us that we can still remember to this day.  Why do we forget all the good things we hear, and can't seem to forget those hateful little nuggets?
The speaker ended with the question: is it possible to control your temper?  I think you definitely can control your temper.  Is it an easy thing to do?  No!  I used to have a lot of anger- it is hard raising a child on your own, with no one around to help when you most need it.  I started reading my bible each night and really asking God to help me with my temper, and it has made a big difference.  I also can feel when I am already boiling up at around an 8 on a scale of 10 (usually around bedtime), and take a few moments to calm down before I do anything else.  The times when I do blow my top, I head straight to the bathroom or bedroom and shut the door until I am calmer.  
How do you handle your anger?


Toni Keltner said...

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Happy Gramma said...

I grew up in an emotionally and verbally abusive home. I never wanted to hurt my children like I was hurt. When I got mad I would try to remember to never say things to anyone I loved that I would later regret.
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Chloe said...

Anger is definitely hard to control. You have to constantly be on your toes.

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Monica said...

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Peace Love & Poop said...

Sorry you are dealing with that. I have a hard time controlling my anger and I think you have every right to be mad!

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Anitra said...

Isn't it funny how things work out like that on Sundays--you get to church and they're dealing with something that hits right at home! Thanks for sharing this post. I'm following you on GFC from the Wild Wednesday Hop. Come hop with me tomorrow during my Friends-day Wednesday hop.

S. Yissele Gallo said...

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Erika said...

This is something we all need to reflect on from time to time. Thanks for sharing!

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