Saturday, September 17, 2011

fun teacher facts!

Hours most teachers spend working each week unpaid- 7-10 (trying to catch up on grading/lesson planning!)
Hours spent teaching students during a day- 7
Lunch time allotted for teachers- after walking class in a straight quiet line to lunch, and picking class up, standing in line for microwave and bathroom- 10-15 minutes
Planning time- 45 minutes daily- meant for conferences, lesson planning, parent phone calls, grading papers, bathroom break
Number of students middle school teachers have per class thanks to class size amendment requirements- 22 (before law passed- 28 to 30- one time even 38!)
Number of classes taught in middle and high school by each teacher- 6 classes per day
Number of different subjects taught per teacher (middle and high school)- maximum of 3
Total number of students- 125-130
Total number of e-mails per day in school e-mail inbox- 20- 10 notices from administration, 5 spams, 5 parent e-mails- usually regarding absent work.
If a teacher can grade 2 papers per minute, they can grade one assignment per hour. 
Percent raise this year  -%3 (now have to pay 3% into our retirement fund mandatory)
Cost of a teacher school lunch $3.50
Average number of restroom passes written per day- 6
Average number of nurse passes written per day- 1

 No wonder I am so exhausted! 

Can you describe your life in just 6 words???


Sarah K. (The Mama Pirate) said...

Hah! No wonder indeed! I have so much respect for teachers. I can't imagine what all y'all go through.

That corgi :) said...

I truly admire teachers!! You guys do a great job with what you have to work with; I always think teachers should be making the mega salaries and not pro ball players, because you guys are more of role models than they are. came over from 6-word Saturday; have a good rest of the weekend


Grace.B said...

Hello dear,

I am Grace your new follower from The six Words Saturday and I'm glad I find your blog. Nowadays teaching is becoming more than an priesthoost. Congratulions on the smile you stilll have to show as a teacher to your student.

I wish you(ll tune back to visite my blog. Wish you well.


Lost and Wandering said...

I have 138 kids.

Ron. said...

Yes. Now i remember why, after "only" 9 years as a Special Educator I gave up the ghost.

Now I'm a service Coordinator with the local State-designated, non-profit Mental Health Agency, providing support service to Developmentally Disabled adults (most of my clients also have some simultaneous mental illness).

Most people I've ever had on my caseload: 11.

Same job, sorta, but I get paid and treated like an actual human being.

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