Sunday, February 26, 2012

Flippers and Runways

My 8 year-old daughter and I have been watching re-runs of the show, Toddlers and Tiaras on our Netflix.  Have you seen this show?!  Basically, each show features a particular beauty pageant and follows several girls who are participating in the pageant as they prepare and compete.  We especially like it when they feature a "glitz pageant" because the girls really get dolled up with beautiful hair and dresses.  One strange thing we discovered that girls do for a glitz pageant is to wear what is called a "flipper" in their mouth to cover up where they have lost baby teeth, and to make their smiles appear picture perfect.  The other night we were watching an episode and my daughter turns to me and says, "wow, that MOM sure could use a flipper herself!"  I just about died laughing sitting there on my very own couch.  Then, tonight after we were done watching an episode of the show together, I sent my daughter to her room to get ready for bed.  When I went to tuck her in, I found that she had taped a "runway" onto her bedroom floor complete with an "X" like they have on the stages in Todders.  She then made me sit on the bed and pretend to be a judge while she walked the runway and made "pageant faces" for me like they do on the show.  I am so glad that she has such a good sense of humor and is able to have fun with a silly cable TV show.  What do you think of the show?  Would you ever let your child compete in a beauty pageant?

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