Monday, January 4, 2010

Flip Flops and Winter Coats or please don't hate us cuz we're cold

Tonight I am going to give you the cold, (and I mean cold), hard truth about Floridians and wintertime. 
We do know that we sound like wimps because we are crying about the 40 degree weather. 
And we do know that it is, like 14 degrees where you live up north- 2 with the wind chill (what the heck is that?!) 
We know that you would trade places with us in a minute, 
BUT... you have one thing that we don't: SUPPLIES. Here is the truth. We are SURPRISED every year when winter comes here. It is 85 degrees or warmer 340 days of the year here, so when it all of a sudden goes from 85 to 40 (and it drops overnight!), we say "what the heck!?" and don't know what to do. First of all, our only choice of footwear down here are flip-flops, so our toes turn into little ice pops! Second of all, we have no winter coats, all we have are Gap hoodies, and they just don't cut it when the temperature falls below 65. Third, we don't own ice scrapers. God forbid we get a little ice on our car.  True story- the daughter of a friend of mine found an ice scraper in her glovebox and thought it was a comb. We don't even own gloves so our fingers could definitely get frostbite. I can only ever find one glove in the bottom of the sock drawer on the few days of the year that I actually need them! One of the strangest things is that all of our little trees and plants in our yards shrivel up and just DIE if we don't cover them up on cold nights- our yards look like they are full of ghosts! So you can see that Florida winters can be cold and tough on us, so thank God they only last about 3 weeks. I don't think we would last much longer than that!

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