Sunday, January 3, 2010

bedtime and my nice things

I have two VERY NICE THINGS in the world: my car and my leather rag rug. I think that my daughter secretly conspires to ruin them both. So, tonight after the third spill on the rug in two weeks, (just how DO you remove milk, orange soda and nail polish from leather?!) she was sent up to bed early. After I attempted to clean the rug and read her some books, I tucked her in and thought all was well. Well she came downstairs after about a half hour and told me that she could hear me "too loud talking on the phone". I told her to go back to bed. Then a half hour later she came out because she needed water, and a half hour later she said her tummy hurt. WOW! How is it that she seemed to know that I was pulling one over on her by giving her an early bedtime, AND she ended up in bed later than usual bedtime after all was said and done?!

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