Friday, September 10, 2010

fish fish and fish!

I must confess, I think I have a bit of addiction to fish. I know that it is a strange pet to have, some people would not even consider them to be pets at all. It all began with my next door neighbor standing on my doorstep with a fish tank in her hands and begging me to please take her fish since she was getting a divorce and moving. I guess no one wanted custody of the fish. It was a big yellow one that I thought would be boring but turned out to be pretty cool and would move the rocks all around the tank with his mouth. After awhile he would look at me with his big sad fishy eyes and made me feel sorry for him in there all alone. And if I were to get him a friend, of course I would need a bigger tank! Which of course would require a new stand to put it on. And some fishy artwork to hang on the wall behind the new tank. Which leaves me with a 35 gallon tank containing 9! cichlid fish that are the focal point of my living room. Sometimes I even notice my daughter watching the tank instead of Nickelodeon!

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