Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lines, People, and the Happiest Place on Earth

As frequent visitors to Disney, the happiest place on Earth, we find ourselves standing in lots of long lines- go figure. In our time standing in Disney lines, I have noticed that there always seem to be the same types of people standing there with us. Below I have a description of my top 5 favorites. Enjoy!

The "Get A Hotel Room" Couple- they can't keep their hands off each other and put a lot of effort grossing out the entire line. Excuse me, can you stop kissing and move forward?!

The "3 Hours Past My Naptime" Child- this poor child was awakened at the break of dawn to drive/fly to Disney and has been dragged around in the hot Florida sun all day. They have lost interest in the rides an hour ago and are letting their parents know it.

The "Sibling Slappery" Kids- he hits her, she hits him back. This goes on and on with them occasionally accidentally slapping you too and the parents never seem to notice it at all.

The "Too Close For Comfort Creepy Caveman"- he stands practically touching you as if he has never heard of a thing called "personal space", even stepping on the back of your shoes from time to time. Bonus points if he forgot his deodorant.

The Locals- these people are great to be behind. They share their tips on the best place to stay, eat and any other Disney secrets they know.

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Ashera said...

Hi new follower from gem blog hop. After the long lines and other distractions I'm sure Disney the Happiest place on earth is worth the wait. Am I right?

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