Thursday, September 22, 2011

Video Games

Video games are so controversial nowadays.  Some parents feel that they are too violent, or too stimulating for their kids while some put a strict limit on their kids' "screen time".  I grew up playing video games, and remember having a lot of good times playing Nintendo with my brother trying to "beat the main boss" of a game, or playing Playstation with my dad, trying to "level up" our characters.  My mom would call us in for dinner and we would tell her that we couldn't come eat until we got to a "save point" in our game!  
I have not played video games for years, but I think that I am finally ready to share my habit passion with my daughter!  It will be a bit of a splurge, but I am thinking about getting a WII for my daughter and I for Christmas.  They look like a lot of fun and I like the fact that you are not just sitting there, but that you have to move around to play most of the games.  Are you a fan of video games?
My first video game system: Pong

Next came an Intellivision 2- played Intellivision and Atari games
My favorite Intellivision game!
Next came our Nintendo.  My brother and I spent one summer beating Mario Brothers 1, 2 and 3
My brother had one of these, but he had it in his room and played Sonic on it NONSTOP!
Still have my Gameboy to this day!

Finally we upgraded to a Playstation, and my dad and I spent hours playing the entire Final Fantasy series!
What was your favorite video game from back in the day?


Closer to Lucy said...

I too would be a ponk fan fav...sheesh I feel old.

Thanks for hopping with Lucy and Sam :)

Natalie @ MamaTrack said...

I actually have a Wii. And I use it to work out. But I have really found memories of the Mario Brothers games.

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