Sunday, November 6, 2011

Book Clubs and Cookies

I Love, Love, Love My Book Club!!!  
The only way I can keep track of how long we have been meeting is by counting our Christmas Books we have read!  Let's see:
Skipping Christmas- fabulous- everyone loved it and we watched the movie afterwards
The Christmas Jars-  one member got a Christmas Jar for all of us! 
The Shepherd, the Angel, and Walter the Christmas Miracle Dog- our favorite Christmas book so far
The Boat of Dreams- by Richard Preston 
The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror- we all agreed, this one was horrible!
A Redbird Christmas- everyone liked
If I didn't leave anything out, this will be our 7th year meeting!  WOW!  And in case you are wondering, our Christmas book this year is Comfort and Joy by India Knight.  Our December meeting is extra special because when we meet to discuss the book, we also exchange Christmas cookies!  There is a lot of competition to see who can make the best cookies!
My book club is made up of an awesome group of women: 2 of which are librarians, and all of which are great friends!  We have a core group of about 6, and a few others that join in from time to time.
Our rules for selecting our books are simple: the books should be relatively short, and should be available at the library.  We also tend to choose mostly funny or happy books.  It is also a rule to go to book club whether you read the book or not- this way, those people that actually read the book can tease you!  (My mom gets teased a lot.)  We always meet at a small, local restaurant where we talk about the book for about 15 minutes, then eat, drink and catch up for the next hour or so!  We meet about every 6 weeks or so, to allow everyone time to get the book and read it.  
The best book club so far was when we read the book, Honeymoon With My Brother by Franz Wisner and I surprised everyone by having him call us on the phone and talk to us about his book.  He was so nice!
Our other most favorite book was probably A Land Remembered by Patrick Smith.  Everyone really liked it because it was about Florida history, and one of the husbands even read it!
Our library has a program called "Book Club in a Bag" which has made it really easy for us to choose our books.  They have a large list of titles to choose from, and they already have 10 books and a discussion guide packed in a little bag for you to come pick up- super convenient!
Do you have a book club or any great books to recommend for ours? 


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