Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting ready for a date

Getting ready for a date is such a process!  My preparation goes something like this:
Shower and don't forget to shave legs.
Start with the easy stuff- hair- it is straight and pretty, if I do say so myself, so nothing much to worry about there.
Move on to make-up- extra eyeliner- got it.
Clothes- hardest part.  Try to find something that doesn't make me look like I have muffin top.  If I do 50 sit ups real quick, will it make a difference?!  Settle on loose fitting jeans and v-neck shirt.  I guess I gotta show him a little something to try to distract his attention from the extra junk in my trunk- look, cleavage!
Ugh, paint toe nails! 
Mad cleaning spree in case he comes in when he picks me up- take out trash, close doors on bedrooms.  Helpful hint: shove all dishes clean or dirty into the dishwasher- presto!
Stop!  Throw up a prayer to the Big Guy- please, God, don't let him be a weirdo!
Do you do anything special to get ready for a date?

For a great book on dating, check out
Undressed by Jason Illian

1 comment:

rosie333 said...

Date? What's a date? Haha! Hope it went well!

found you at write on edge, weekend linkup

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