Thursday, November 17, 2011

Career Day

Career Day is one of the best days of the school year.  Kids love to have people other than their teacher talk to them for a change.  There aren't that many people these days that are willing to do this.  Thank God for those that are!  I surveyed my classes today and asked them what job they would like to have in 5 years and what job they would like to have in 15 years.  They gave me some great answers!  Lots of kids wanted to start out working in grocery stores, the mall, fast food places or for their parents.  Their goals for after college were things like veterinarians, doctors, architects, lawyers, cosmetologists and even a few who want to be teachers.  There was one kid who told us he was going to be the next Justin Beiber- he wouldn't sing for us though.  I told my class that the most important thing they can do is to intern in the field they are interested in, and find out about as many different jobs as they can.  When I graduated from high school, I thought a pharmacist would be a great job- they make good money!  While I was busy flunking my chemical calculations class, I worked part-time in a pharmacy- and hated every minute of it!  After that, I took a career and life planning class where I took all sorts of tests which told which job I would be best suited for.  It kept coming up that I should be a teacher, and I had always been interested in teaching, so  I changed my major to teaching.  While you are taking teaching classes, there are a certain number of internships that you have to go through.  I was glad to sign up for mine right away!  I planned and taught my first lesson on my own, and was hooked!  And that is how I fell in love with teaching!  Do you remember career day?   

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