Saturday, January 29, 2011

HGTV and sprucing up the house

Ever since my daughter and I have been sick this winter, I have become hooked on the Home and Garden TV channel. We like the show called House Hunters, where people get to look at 3 houses then choose the one that is right for them. I especially like the international one. Houses are cheap in other countries! But still not cheap enough for us to get one anywhere- it doesn't stop us from dreaming though. They also have the decorating shows. Watching them makes me want to spruce up my place a bit. So, I have been taking advantage of the commercial breaks to improve a few areas of my house. I started by creating a craft corner. It is a great place for me to sit and scrapbook, and then everything can be easily tucked away. (Which is good because it is in the corner of my bedroom.) Another thing I did was to get a new desk for my daughter's room. I got a great deal on it, got it all set up, and already put all of her junk on it. The last thing I did was to change a broken fan pull. I managed to do it without even electrocuting myself which is impressive! I am not sure what I am going to take on next, maybe re-doing my kitchen cabinets!

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