Friday, January 14, 2011

kids, giggling and farts

Farts are soooo funny. Especially to middle schoolers. Today in class, I noticed two kids scootch over a few chairs and hold their noses. Then I looked and saw another kid giggling and trying to move closer to them- he was clearly the one that dealt it. Each time he moved down one seat, they moved down one seat, until I told them to please return to their assigned seats. I was giggling too. But, it got me thinking about the different kind of farts that we have at school. One fart middle schoolers like is the BOMB FART. This is when one kid farts, and all of them jump back and all point at one another. It is nearly impossible to figure out who dealt it. Another kind is the SNEAKY FART. This one seems to come from no where and all of a sudden comes upon the class. Everyone looks at each other like, where did that come from?! In here?! In the hallway?! From the class next door?! Holy cow! The last fart, my favorite, is the WAVE FART. In this fart you see one kid hold their nose, then the two kids next to him, and the two kids next to them, until everyone in the room is giggling and holding their noses because, like I said before, farts are funny!

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