Monday, October 24, 2011

The Rules of Dating

Back in the day, there were specific rules that people followed when dating.  If I had dated back in my grandmother's time, things would have been so much easier.  There would be no worrying about whether a guy liked me or whether I should call him, or ask him out. If he liked me, he would ask me out!  He would call by Wednesday to ask me out for a weekend date, any later than that and I would be busy washing my hair!  We would go out, and he would open doors for me and pick up the check- no worrying about whether I should offer to pay half or not!  At the end of the night, he would walk me up to my front porch and give me a sweet kiss- I would not have to worry about whether he was expecting me to ask him in or not.  Then about three days later, he would call if he wanted to take me out again.  I wouldn't have to worry about whether I should call him, send a text, or send an e-mail.  (I would have to wait by the phone with no caller ID or answering machine though!)  After a few months, he would ask me to go steady.  I would not have to wonder whether we were exclusive, or where things were going. 
These days dating is so hard!  On top of trying to play a game with no rules, I also have to figure out when to introduce my daughter to the people I date.  Honestly, though, I think that the dating game is a game worth playing, because if you can find that one person who is perfect for you, it will be worth it.  What do you think?



reading this forced me to pause and realize just how much i've given up on dating...
it's been "a while"...

am i done with this?!?

Ixy said...

This description is why I'm never felt like I was missing out by being married - dating sounds rather dreadful by all accounts. Rules get a bad rap, but at least everyone knew what was going on.

I remember having a bizarre conversation with my husband that went something like this (we started dating in high school):

"So, um, what's going on?"
"With what?"
"Well, with us?"
"I don't know. What do you think is going on?"

After another 10 minutes of verbal shuffling, we finally came around to agree the following points: 1) We liked each other's company 2) We were dating
3) We had been dating since our first kiss 4 weeks before

It was ridiculous.

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