Thursday, August 18, 2011

Electricity, Fish and Mistaken Identities

 I have mentioned before that I have an aquarium with cichlids in it.  I love my fish, but they keep having babies and the tank is too small for them all.  I rounded up some of the baby fish to sell to the pet store but they only wanted to give me a few dollars for them, because they are just silver colored.  The father fish is a beautiful color, but the mother is small and silver- nothing to look at.  Well, the father fish is a little aggressive.  He is always shaking his tail at the other fish, trying to make more babies and chasing them around the tank.  So, I decided that to solve the overcrowded tank problem I would sell him to the pet store.   
Well, as my daughter and I were trying to capture him, we were getting shocked by the tank!  

 Turns out, the light was getting wet and giving a charge to the water in the fish tank.  So, we unplugged the light, made a huge mess trying to get this fish, finally catch him and get him in a bucket to take him to the fish store.  Guess what happened when we got all the way there!  Yup, we had the WRONG fish!  I have a feeling those fish are all sitting in there laughing at me.
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Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

Oh my goodness....That is so funny! I would be so frustrated after all that work. Hope you got it all worked out! :)

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