Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saving Puppies

I found a stuffed animal puppy in the parking lot at my school the other day.  He was all wet and dirty and sad.  I brought him home, washed and dried him and he is adorable!  
 While I was saving this cute toy puppy dog, I started thinking about my best friend, Michelle.  She just moved to Puerto Rico, and helps run a non-profit there called "Island Dog".  She does what I did only with real dogs- they are amazing!
Basically, the dog population in Puerto Rico is out of control, so they are trying to educate the people there to vaccinate, spay and neuter their dogs.  They also find these poor, sad, starving puppies, clean them up and find homes for them.  Even Selena Gomez is involved with Island Dog.  Check out this video:
For more information, or, if you want to rescue a real puppy, you can visit their website:!

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