Monday, August 1, 2011

single girl sunburn

Whenever I go to the beach with my daughter I carefully sunblock her up before she darts into the water and then rolls in the sand (ew!)  Then it is my turn.  Uhh, hello?  Just me standing there... so I get my legs, arms, face sun-blocked, and then at that point I have a choice:
1)  Let wet, sandy 8 year old sunblock me.
2)  Buy the spray sunblock and just kind of shoot it back there.
3)  I did read once about using a spatula to sunblock your own back, but never remember to put one in my beach bag.
So, it seems whichever choice I make, things usually turn out the same- the single girl sunburn!

This is not my back.  If I can't get sunblock back there, how do you expect me to get my camera back there???


Della said...

The continuous spray sunscreens are great. They spray at any angle, and it's pretty easy to spray one's own back :) I've been using them for a few years, as sun protection is a priority for me, as I have Lupus SLE.

tiffany said...

We use continuous spray sunscreens here too, I figure they're my best chance. I learned the hard way however not to spray it and then lay down on the towel - b/c then when you get up to go run around on the beach with your then-three-year-old, you end up with burns that suspiciously look like towel marks. Hmmm....

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