Sunday, August 14, 2011

Swimming With the Sharks, Dolphins and Shark Week

 I am not one of those people who freak out about sharks while I'm swimming.  I am more concerned about doing the stingray shuffle! (see video below)  I was not scared by the movie, Jaws.  I can identify most types of sharks, and have even seen sharks while surfing and diving and not been terrified.  Did you know that sharks rarely kill people?  If a shark does bite a person, they don't like the taste, that is why you only hear about shark bites.  All this said, this weekend I was snorkeling with my daughter on a coral-y beach and when we were getting out, we noticed there were some fins in the water.  Some people sitting beside us on the beach said that they were dolphins, and had been playing out there for a couple hours.  Well, I have seen dolphins and I was not real sure that they were actually dolphins and not sharks.  First of all, there were only two and the fins were very small.  Where were their dolphin parents???  And second, I have never seen such small dolphins before.  So, I think there is a good chance that my daughter and I may have had our own personal "shark week" at the beach this weekend!  How do you feel about sharks?  
Dolphin Fins

Shark Fins


Lady Goo Goo Gaga said...

Wow - that is pretty scary!!! I would freak out!! We are in Connecticut so we don't see much in the way of sharks or dolphins swimming with us - and I am definitely glad about that!! Suddenly our jellyfish don't seem so bad!!

Good Girl Gone Green said...

I could do without meeting shark in the water....:)

Della said...

I haven't seen a shark in the wild, but my hubby has when he goes fishing. We have seen dolphins and stingray. I have some great pics and videos of them, and have even swam with them. Just don't scare them!

Chris said...

Keep those things away from me!



i don't swim, so staying happily on terra firma!!! beautiful creatures, but not the kind i would like to pet, the sharks i mean, dolphins, maybe...

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