Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Homework, Mosquitoes and Smelly Feet

 Is there anyone else out there who cannot stand helping their own kid with homework???  I try to, I swear I do, but she just wants to argue and whine and cry and we don't get very far.  Now that my daughter is in third grade, I guess she is expected to keep up with current events.  Her assignment tonight was to read and summarize a current event.  So, we get on the computer, and I was looking at the top AOL headlines and realized that they were all completely inappropriate and on top of that, way above her comprehension level.  Next I googled for sites that had current events appropriate for students and stumbled across www.dogonews.com.  We were able to find an article that was quite interesting.  Click here to view.  Apparently, scientists have discovered that mosquitoes are drawn to stinky feet.  Which explains why you get more mosquito bites on your legs.  So, I guess what we learned tonight was:
1) Take a bath or the mosquitoes will carry you off in your sleep.
2) Unless my daughter would like her current event to be about some weird science study, she should leave me out of it.


Cammie said...

My daughter totally used to do that! I think 1st to 4th grades were the worst grades for it. Now that she is in 8th grade it's mostly a battle about needing to spend more time doing homework.

kenmei said...

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Christina said...

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Kim @ Get In Shape And Save said...

Great post! My daughter is the same way with homework or was last year. I hope that in 5th grade we can get her out of that. I have never heard about the mosquitoes but it is good to know.

New GFC follower via The Blog Hop till you drop!

Silverfaerie said...

My son (15) has not really been open to homework help from me for years now. I try, and especially on a subject where I KNOW what I'm talking about.....I try so hard. But he's hard headed, trying to be so independent, and I'm still apparently stupid as far as he's concerned. I'll be glad when that stage is over and he's open to listening to what I've learned over the years.

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Megan said...

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Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

So glad the days of homework are behind me! But that truly is an awesome article to have reviewed...ah, the power of science. Now, I'm going to wash my feet :)

Stopping by from WOE!

Selena said...

Hahahaha. I always wondered about the mosquito bites on my legs. Thank your daughter's teacher for that assignment for me.

Jenelle said...

My daughter is only in k-5 and she gets homework. She doesn't mind doing it but she hates when I help her (i.e. correcting any mistakes or just double checking to make sure it is all complete). The way she cries would and we argue sometimes is just not worth it. I can't image what this will look like in another few years!! UGH!!!!
P.S. good know about the mosquitoes..will keep that in mind! LOL

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