Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An Empty Classroom

Believe it or not, most teachers get nervous and excited about the first day of school!  We even have two of them to get through- our first teacher day back, and then the first day back for students. 
Walking into a quiet empty classroom can cause different teachers to have different emotions.  Some are overwhelmed while some can't wait to decorate and cover it all over with posters.  Some teachers are ready to come back from summer, some come back dragging their feet and still others come back kicking and screaming clinging to summer! 
When I walked into my room today, I was excited to be back and to decorate in my new theme: Frogs!  It is a little overwhelming being back though- so much to do in so little time!  I get nervous and excited to meet my new students and their parents.  
The good thing about teaching is that each year is a chance to start new, to try different things and to tweak the old things to make them even better!  How do you feel about the new school year? 

1 comment:

leens01 said...

I feel a little bit of everything at the beginning of the school year. I miss the freedom of summer, but I also long for a routine again. I just hate having to do the entire classroom again! However, it is fun to come up with new ideas each year!

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