Tuesday, February 15, 2011

birds, bees and a ringing in your ears

Today I had a special guest speaker come speak to my middle school classes on teen pregnancy prevention. What with me being out sick for myself and my daughter, the "Just Say No to Drugs" lady coming in once a week, and everything else that has been going on lately, I ended up having to switch the presentation dates with another teacher, and did not even have a chance to so much as warn the kids about what was coming. Ha, ha, ha! The speaker started off with a very basic birds and bees anatomy lesson, and then progressed into a few activities where she shows the kids how much baby items would cost, and how small an actual premature baby would be (which is more common for teen moms to have). I really like the lessons because they are real life problems that kids don't think about facing when they are in the heat of the moment, and I believe that even if it saves one of my children from becoming a teen parent, or contracting an STD, it will be worth it. Being a single mom is hard enough when you are older, I could not imagine trying to do it as a teenager (but that is a story for another time). Well, about midway through the lady's presentation in one of my afternoon classes, a little boy came over to me and said he felt like he was going to faint and that he needed water. I looked at him and he was swaying on his feet and getting ready to hit the floor, so I grabbed his arm and started dragging him up to the nurse. He kept saying that he just needed water and that his ears were ringing and he was seeing spots. I just kept dragging him along up to the office- I was afraid he was going to pass out on the floor right in the middle of the hallway- then what would I do?! I have never seen a kid so pale and clammy! When I (finally!) got him sitting in the nurses office, I asked him if the pictures bothered him and he just looked at me with these big eyes and said "I don't think so", but I think maybe they had!

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