Sunday, February 6, 2011

You'll Eat it and You'll Freakin' Like It!!!!

My kid is the pickiest eater in the world! Of course this could be some sort of karma coming back to me from when I was a kid and would only eat hot dogs and macaroni and cheese, or mashed potatoes without lumps, but COME ON! My brother and I did not hold a candle to this girl! My daughter will not eat any vegetables except tomatoes. And I think that a tomato is actually a fruit and does not count. She will only eat noodles without sauce. Sandwiches without crust- forget it, she doesn't even eat sandwiches- not even PB&J. What is wrong with this kid?! Breakfast for dinner is a nearly every day occurrence in our household, because believe it or not, in addition to sugar laden cereal, she will actually consume eggs. Even when I take her to the dreaded McDonald's, she STILL won't eat all four chicken nuggets or finish her fries. Although she will drink an entire milkshake- she is human after all. Once in a while, I can talk her into eating a "crabby patty", but you can't use that trick every day- only about once a week. I even tried that Jessica Seinfeld book where you trick the kids into eating healthy by serving them chicken nuggets coated in broccoli puree ("why is there GREEN stuff on my chicken nuggets, I am NOT eating them") and disguising cauliflower as mashed potatoes ("these mashed potatoes SMELL FUNNY, I am NOT eating this"). I have tried bribing her ("I will give you a yummy dessert if you eat your dinner"), tricking her (see above), and threatening her ("fine, then you will not get ANYTHING to eat for the rest of the day!) She does not care and has a will of steel. So, lately my strategy is to cook what I want for dinner and if she won't eat it, give her a bowl of cereal. Any ideas for how to make a picky kid eat besides screaming "YOU'LL EAT IT AND YOU'LL LIKE IT! at her?

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