Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the fair and food on a stick

My family and I go to the state fair every year. We have a blast looking at the animals, watching shows, looking at all the exhibits, watching the Elvis impersonators and best of all, eating fair food! I am partial to food on a stick, while my brother always loves to try the hot new item they have every year. My daughter always gets pizza, and then only eats the crust (as usual). A few years back they invented deep fried snicker bars. They are on a stick, so of course they are a favorite of mine. Last year the big thing was fried pepsi (I didn't like it- but then, it was not on a stick), fried butter (I couldn't do it) and krispy kreme donut burgers (my brother loved them). This year, the new foods are bacon cupcakes, fried ice cream burgers and- wait for it- MASHED POTATOES ON A STICK! Sign me up for that one! It is going to be a pretty big outing for us because my dad has been in and out of the hospital since Thanksgiving, and this will be our first big outing with him in a wheelchair. I am a little nervous about pushing him around in the crowds, but I figured if I can do it with a stroller, we can probably make it with a wheelchair. Wish us luck!

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