Sunday, February 13, 2011

SWAN Night!

A few years back a girl friend of mine from work decided to start a tradition for all the single girls to go out on Valentine's Day together. It was called SWAN for Single Woman Appreciation Night. The first year I felt a little bummed to be single, you know- alone on Valentine's Day and all that, but it was pretty fun to have some friends to spend a fun evening out with. Over the years, though I have come to look forward to it. I bring my daughter along (because she is a SWAN too!), and we meet up with all the girls for a nice dinner at a cool restaurant. Last year, I mentioned my plans to a married lady from church, and was surprised that she seemed jealous. She told me that truly she would rather be going out with us because it sounded like such fun to her. So, to all the single ladies out there, call up your girlfriends and find somewhere fun to go out tomorrow night- no sitting home feeling sorry for yourself- IT'S SWAN NIGHT! Happy Valentine's Day!

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