Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Good days, cell projects, and crockpots!

Some days everything just seems to go right, and TODAY was one of those days! This morning I picked out a cute outfit, and did my hair like the hairdo video blogs I have been watching- basically I got all prettied up for my OBSERVATION today. My principal was coming in to observe me teaching my class and I had a great lesson planned. Also, today was PROJECT DAY! All the kids stopped by before school with all of their cell models. I love the way they creep in with a big proud smile on their faces and their projects in their hands! Well, all of the kids did their projects, even one kid who I have in my class for the second year in a row. (I called his mom to tell her how proud I am of him!) My lesson went off without a hitch. (If you know a teacher, you probably have heard how nerve wracking these can be!) My daughter has been angel today- homework is done, yes! And I came home to the smell of BLUEBERRY CHICKEN in the crock-pot! Man, there is nothing like coming home to dinner already cooked. What a great day!

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