Thursday, March 17, 2011

and then we jumped ourselves silly!

A friend of mine had passes for this new place in town that has wall to wall trampolines, so the other night we decided to check it out. First, they have you sign a waiver (of course). Next, you put on these wide high top bootie/shoes; I guess so the trampolines stay clean or maybe just to make you look like a geek and no cute single dads come near you. If you are under 18, they also give you a helmet to wear. So, we all hurried up and got decked out in our gear, ran out to the trampolines, and proceeded to JUMP OURSELVES SILLY!!! It was really great. I guess my inner cheerleader came out because I was doing straddle jumps and herkies. I even did some roundoffs. Not bad for an old lady! Then my daughter wanted to play dodge ball, so we were jumping and throwing these cushy balls at each other. It seemed like we jumped for hours. But really it was only about 20 minutes before I needed to sit down and rest due to my heart pounding out of my chest and all. When our time was finally up, and we left, I noticed my ears were buzzing like I had just been to a loud concert. I thought maybe it was just loud in there, but no, apparently I really did JUMP MYSELF SILLY. Or maybe just the fluid in one of my ears!

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