Monday, March 21, 2011

slime, flowers and MAGIC!

The other day one of the "5 question Friday" questions asked if there was a certain place I like to go when I am happy or sad. Well, there is one place that can really turn any frown upside down and bring a little magic into your life and that is the "Happiest Place on Earth", yes Disney World. My daughter and I have been getting season passes for about 3 years now, and whenever we need a little magic in our lives, we take a little drive to visit Mickey. This weekend we stayed at the Nickelodeon Hotel, a total splurge for us, but I promised my daughter that if she earned 75 AR points for her reading at school, that I would take her there to get slimed. Once a day they do a "mass sliming" at the hotel pool. It is basically just green water that is dumped from a giant bucket all over the crowd below. So cool!
At Epcot Center right now they are having the flower and garden festival, so we went there to hang out today. They have these great playgrounds set up all around the park for the kids to play on. My daughter had a good old time playing, while I sat in a comfortable wooden chair in the shade and watched. They have a beautiful butterfly garden. The best thing they have, though, is the Kim Possible secret agent mission. You check in and get a cell phone that talks to you and gives you a secret mission to complete, where you have to find all sorts of cool little hidden spots all around the different countries. We had such a relaxing, fun weekend that I seriously did not want to leave. We already have our next trip booked!

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