Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bad Chick Stuff

The other night I was watching Harry Potter and was thinking about how tough Hermionie is. She fights bad guys, punches Draco and has an amazing little beaded bag that holds everything but the kitchen sink. I was thinking how cool it would be to be such a bad chick.
Then I started thinking about all the things I have been doing lately. Things I never imagined that I would even know how to do, let alone be doing on my own. Things such as:
Pull starting a pressure washer, and pressure washing the entire back porch and walls of my house on my own.
Fixing my own fireplace with high temperature stove cement.
Caulking my entire stairway.
Grouting my bathroom.
Installing a new pull switch on a ceiling fan.
Hanging shelves and picture frames.
The list goes on. And no, it is not "guy stuff". It is bad chick stuff.
Especially when you add raising a child on your own and teaching classroomfuls of middle schoolers to the list, I realize now that I really am one bad chick. At least in my own eyes. And hopefully in my daughter's and student's eyes too.

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