Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the beautiful bed

I feel like my bedroom should be my sanctuary. I looked high and low for the perfect bed and spent hours looking for the perfect bedding.  It is a beautiful wood and metal 4 poster bed.  I have about 3 different bedding sets, but could easily have more if I could fit it into the budget.  I just bought a new mattress called Steel and Sky.  One half is soft and the other half is even softer, and it is so fluffy that I practically need a running start to get up in it!  There is nothing like spending a lazy afternoon laying in my bed under the ceiling fan reading a book.

I did the same for my daughter's room, again looking high and low for the perfect bed and spending hours choosing perfect bedding.  She has a captain's bed, which is perfect since our house is tiny and any extra storage space is more than welcome.  Over her bed, I hung a mesh drape and attached butterflies to it.  Her bedroom would have been a dream bedroom for me when I was her age!  

So, guess where my daughter has been sleeping at night!  

Yes.  On the floor.  What is wrong with her?!

1 comment:

Denise said...

Nothing is wrong with her. She is Emily Elizabeth through and through!!! And we would have it no other way!

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