Tuesday, May 10, 2011


As I was running in to use the girl's restroom in between classes this morning (gotta beat the kids to the big stall!), I noticed one of the girls standing at the mirror primping.  When I went into the stall I could hear her say "I just feel beautiful today!"  And I thought to myself wow, when was the last time I looked into the mirror and thought that?  Instead I tend to focus on the extra fat around my stomach or the fact that I am over due for a haircut and color.  Why?  Why do we do this to ourselves?  And what can we do to change it?  Next time, I want to peer into the mirror with the little girl and say, "why, yes you do honey, and I do too!" 


Carina said...

Such a great little story. I think more of us could do with being a little more like that little girl.

I remember trying to get into the big stalls in the kindergarten hallway at my mom's old school. She teaches 5th grade, but I would run copies for her and the closest bathroom was down the kindergarten hall. The small ones were so cramped!

Michelle said...

You are beautiful Amy! Your my best friend and I love you!

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