Sunday, May 15, 2011

playing games

Kids love to play games.  Playing games with your kid is the easiest way to bond with them.  You don't have to dress and undress barbie dolls and try to get an imagination that does not imagine so well anymore to come up with something.  Many families even have a family game night.  I think this would be an extremely good idea, especially with teenagers.  
Last weekend I went to some yard sales and we found a bunch of new games.  Here are a few of our favorites:
I am not sure why my daughter likes the game of LIFE so much, I am not a fan.

This one is simple to play and great for active kids like mine!

This is a discovery toys game.  Very easy and quick to play.  Requires a little strategy!

This one is actually our favorite because it is only 2 players and goes very quickly!  Does your person wear earrings?!
This one is a great game to play with a group of people, be sure to get the family version if you have children playing!

We also have some great games that we like to take with us when we go camping.  We will all sit around the campfire and pass the game around.  So much fun!
Bop It and Brain Warp
So, grab some games, sit down with your kid and have some fun!


bluebell screams said...

Oh man I used to love Guess Who when I was a kid. We're a huge board game family-probably have about 50 or so different games stored in our extra closet just waiting for the kiddo to be old enough to play them with us. We totally plan to have a family game night.

Found you on the Sunday Stalk and am your newest follower!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

i dont' even have kids yet and i love love husband and i play scrabble all the time...Guess who is one of my favs!

Kara said...

Thanks for following me. I follow you back. I'm also a middle school teacher:) I look forward to reading your blog!!

Kortney said...

We just had a game buying trip to Wal-Mart today! We got Life and a few others! Lord, I'm already tired of playing them! lol

I'm following from the Super Stalker Sunday Hop! Hope to see you again next Sunday!

Have a great week!

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